Episode 1

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12th Feb 2020

Ep. 01 - Clown Car

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In this episode we discuss the broad categories of relationships and different skills that cut across all types of relationships. We discuss the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. We define blood relationships as anyone you share DNA with and choice relationships as anyone you have welcomed into your life who does not share DNA with you.

  • What are the skills that cut across Blood relationships and Choice relationships
  • Communication, Validation, Reciprocity, Willingness to confide, time together.
  • How do you know when a relationship is healthy?
  • You can feel it in your gut. It feels vibrant, fun, and fulfilling.
  • What do you do when you begin to think a relationship is not healthy?
  • You feel obligated, burdened, and exhausted spending time with this person. Or you dread spending time with this person.
  • If you had to pick a single skill to master to improve all your relationships, what would it be?
  • Dr. Azevedo - Validation
  • Kim Azevedo - Willingness to confide/trust

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Published on:

2nd Feb 2020

Ep. 00 - Crash Test Dummy

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This is our first episode of The Relationship Roadtrip. We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and our hopes and dreams for the direction of this podcast.

We are a family (and family friendly) podcast. 

Dr. Don Azevedo (Papa Don) - Our navigator who has been in practice as a clinical psychologist for 31 years. He is an entrepreneur and executive coach. He also owns Azevedo Family Psychology. 

Kimberly Azevedo, LMFTA (Daughter & Sister) - Our mechanic who is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. She is working with Dr. Azevedo at Azevedo Family Psychology and will be offering the scientific dynamics of therapeutic work and different tools to incorporate into relational living.

Ben Azevedo (Son & Brother) - Our back-seat driver and producer. He brings Dr. Azevedo and Kim back down to the real world and adds “day to day” experiences. He is also the producer of the podcast and the owner of Bear Cave Audio.


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About the Podcast

The Relationship Road Trip
Navigating the twists and turns of all the important relationships in your life.
Healthy relationships are at the core of a happy life. Each week, join Ben, Don, and Kym Azevedo as they share personal and professional experience on navigating the beautiful, complex, and sometimes surprising relationships we all share. For people who are interested in nurturing and growing all the relationships in their lives, this podcast is for you.

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Don Azevedo

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Dr. Azevedo received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in December of 1988. By March 1989, he was the Chief of Psychology at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in charge of 4 other mental health providers. The Army didn’t think that was stressful enough so they sent him to combat in Desert Shield/Storm as the Division Psychologist for the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). This is where he added consulting skills to his clinical skills. With over 20,000 men and women to care for with only one psychologist, one psychiatrist, one social worker, and 6 behavioral technologists, consultation and empowering the units down to the platoons was the only way to stay ahead of the mental health needs.

After returning from Desert Storm, he entered the civilian world working for Kaiser Permanente and opening a private practice. Opening his first practice required adding skills in entrepreneurial business development. Although this business did not turn out the way he had hoped, it did lead him to the next adventure of working for a large internet technology company developing their internal training programs in sales and leadership. His success at Cisco Systems earned him the opportunity to join an international consulting firm where he continued providing executive education, coaching, and consulting to Fortune 500 companies.

His heart drew him back to clinical practice in 2003 when he started 3-C Family Services with his business partner. This practice grew to 15 clinicians and 6 administrative staff before he sold his portion to his partner at the end of 2015. During that period, he still continued to provide executive coaching and education both as a sub-contractor for Lore International and on his own for local family owned businesses and other small businesses. His local coaching of entrepreneurs included Architectural firms, Law Firms, Engineering Firms, and other Mental Health groups. He has helped many entrepreneurs turn their dreams of business into reality. During this period, he started another small business called Bear Cave Audio doing voice-over work. In 2020, his son, Ben, took over the company.

In 2016, he opened a small boutique clinical practice where he has been able to return to seeing patients primarily while still providing executive coaching and education. In 2019, his daughter, Kym, joined him in the practice to begin her career as a Marriage and Family Therapist. In his spare time, Dr. Azevedo is a voice over actor narrating audiobooks and doing podcasts. He has been married over 35 years to a most tolerant and supportive wife with whom he has 2 adult children.

Kym Azevedo

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Ben Azevedo

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